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Elephant’s Child
Conflict Management and Mediation Services

How does an Elephant’s Child mediation work?

A typical or classic workplace mediation follows three distinct steps:

1. An Opening Joint Session between the mediator and the parties involved in the dispute.

2. A number of Private Sessions, sometimes called caucuses between the mediator and each of

the parties to the dispute. How many Private Sessions there are will of course vary, depending upon the complexity of the dispute.

3. A Closing Joint Session between the mediator and the parties involved in the dispute.

In advance of the mediation itself there will be some preparation work. 3-4 weeks ahead of the Opening Joint Session, Elephant’s Child will have requested and received Position Statements from each party involved in the dispute. The venue is agreed as well as the required number of rooms and layout, typically there would be a minimum of a room for the    
initial Opening Joint Session and additional breakout rooms, depending upon the number of parties involved.

Step 1: Opening Joint Session

The Elephant’s Child Mediator will have familiarised themselves with the Background Situation and the Position Statements of each party. They will also ensure that each party has signed the Mediation Agreement, and that the surroundings are as informal or as formal as required by the client.

The Opening Joint Session typically consists of:

- The Mediator’s opening statement
- The Claimant’s opening statement
- The Respondent’s opening statement
- The opening discussion
- Termination (of opening discussion) and move to    caucuses (private sessions with each party).

The Elephant’s Child Mediator explains that the goal is to reach accord and to have a written agreement which is acceptable to both parties by the conclusion of the Closing Session. This is not always possible owing to time constraints and prior commitments. However if significant progress has been made the involved parties may agree to continue the mediation at a later date.

Step 2: Private Sessions

There now follows a number of private sessions with each of the parties in turn in order that the Mediator can negotiate on behalf of each party.

Step 3: Closing

Whether or not accord has been reached there will be a Joint Closing Session at which the The Elephant’s Child Mediator, summarises the outcome of the exploration and negotiation which has taken place during the private sessions. If agreement has been reached then where possible this agreement is put into writing and copies are provided to all parties involved in the dispute.
If full agreement has not been reached, then the The Elephant’s Child mediator will seek accord on what the next steps should be from all involved parties.
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What is the process?