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Elephant’s Child
Conflict Management and Mediation Services

‘Establishing Trust. Striking Accord.’


Why Elephant’s Child?

How Elephant’s Child Mediation works

Do you need mediation?

Elephant’s Child’s number one goal in a mediation is to establish trust as rapidly as possible between themselves and each of the parties involved in the dispute or conflict situation. Of course in most cases it is precisely the absence of such trust between the parties involved in the dispute which necessitates mediation, and so it is all the more important for the Mediator to be someone who both parties trust and see as the advocate of their own best interests. Once trust has been built it becomes far easier to reach a mutually acceptable conclusion to the dispute and to reach accord.
The establishment of trust is the all important ingredient of a successful mediation. Here’s what one person has to say about trust ...

‘Trust is crucial to the success of economic relationships such as that between managers and workers or between companies and their suppliers, and honesty is the essential lubricant to a system of exchange. If trust and honesty mean anything, it is that these individuals will be motivated by them to suspend the continual quest for personal advantage in certain key situations. Where trust and honesty break down, society and individuals will have to spend a large part of their energy and resources in formulating detailed prescriptive rules and contracts, and then even more resources in enforcing them’. [Richard Bronk, Visiting Fellow, London School of Economics]
What are the reasons for mediation?

To enable individuals and businesses who wish to resolve an existing dispute, or anticipate and manage a potential dispute, to do so
To allow all parties sufficient time to talk and to listen to each other
To minimise cost to all parties
To eliminate or minimise stress to all involved
To establish trusting relationships with all parties as the basis for a new way forward
To appreciate all sides of the situation, without judging or assuming anything
To identify, and then to discuss  all of the available options toward resolution in as informal an atmosphere as possible
Who are we?
Elephant’s Child was formed in 2007 by Gerry Chandler. Its primary objective is to offer an innovative and cost effective approach to anticipating and managing conflict in the workplace, based upon rapidly establishing effective relationships, built upon trust and common understanding.

We seek to minimise the impact of unmanaged conflict, for example in terms of risk to business and/or to personal circumstances caused by unanticipated cost, impact upon time and resources, and of the emotional implications of potential litigation for both employees and employers alike. Our customers include small to medium businesses and employment law firms, across the United Kingdom.

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Why Elephant's Child?
How Mediation Works
Gerry Chandler

Following army service, Gerry has had a varied career in the IT, Telecommunications and Pharmaceutical industries, holding senior positions in Programme Management, Strategy and Professional Services. He has extensive experience of project delivery in the private, public and third sectors.